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Our mission is to teach children in grades first through fifth the skills and character they need to thrive in their homes, schools, and communities. 
Our vision is to see children who go through the Surfari Pals program excel above their peers in soft skills, acts of service, in the ability to present themselves well and become our future leaders.
“Teaching Kids Good Character” is more than our tagline; it’s our purpose.

Who We Serve

We provide this curriculum primarily to low-income, Title One schools and other nonprofit organization who desire to partner with  us for the benefit of their students. Surfari Pals is taught as part of the Positive Behavioral Initiative Program and is in line with the Search Institutes’ 40 Developmental assets.

Why We Need Surfari Pals

We hear things like, “Children today have no manners. They aren’t able to resolve conflict without violence, aren’t considerate, have no self-control.” Why do we hear these things? Children have to be taught how to develop positive behaviors and social skills. What if every child, regardless of their social or economic status, knew that they had the power to make a difference in their life and the lives of those around them? What if every child learned attributes such as kindness, honor, and to treat others with the highest respect? What if every child learned skills such as setting goals, a strong work ethic, and that with or without money, one of the most valuable things in life is self-respect. Surfari Pals is a natural, step-by-step, fun, rewarding program that teaches children exactly how to learn these things.

​How Surfari Pals Works

Surfari Pals programming is prevention-based. Surfari Pals educates children in engaging ways that 
will potentially have long-term benefits. Prevention is difficult to measure when speaking of behavior modifications. Over time, and with consistency, students who participate in the Surfari Pals program become more confident, well-mannered, and healthier. Character training will increase academic and personal success. The more schools and students who have access to Surfari Pals, the more significant the overall impact on the community and culture. Reduction in crime and an increase in employment are natural results of positive behavior.