Teaching Kids Good Character!

Welcome to Surfari Pals

At Surfari Pals, we strongly believe that character education is a key factor in shaping our future generations. By instilling positive values and traits in children from an early age, we aim to create a world where integrity and accountability are highly valued. Our program is designed to be interactive, engaging, and fun, so that children can learn these important life skills in an enjoyable way. We focus on teaching children the importance of setting achievable goals, developing strong social skills, practicing healthy habits, and maintaining a good work ethic. By providing children with the tools they need to succeed, we hope to inspire them to become confident, responsible individuals who achieve great things.

You'll Love Surfari Pals as much as they do

School Quote

4th Grade Student
"I regret being mean to others. I've stopped being mean to my sisters, I’ve stopped lying because it causes me trouble. I stopped these things because of Surfari Pals. I’ve started being happy."

Parent Quote

Parent of Camp Surfari Jr Volunteer
"She was so proud of herself today. She ironed for the first time and used a sharp knife. She may be learning as much as the kids. Thank you."

Teacher Quote

Public School Teacher
“Yes/no Ma’am & Yes/no Sir and Please/Thank You, were my favorite lessons. I always notice a difference in the kids after those lessons. They try to say those things more often. It makes a difference”

Camp Quote

Camp Surfari Camper
"We learned how to set the table, make our beds, and to try new foods.  We learn how to be kind and respect other people's stuff."

We Want Surfari Pals!

Wether it's online or in person,  we have a program for you and your kids! 

Come to Camp Surfari!

During Camp Surfari campers will learn:
• The importance of manners with Dee Dee the Damselfish
• To keep the environment clean with Ollie the Octopus
• That eating healthy food, exercising and caring for themselves can actually be fun!
• To try new foods with Miss Kay the Macaroni Penguin
• How to set the table with Claude the Crab
• Proper table etiquette with Hailee the Herring, Julian the Jellyfish
and Courtney the Crayfish
• Making your bed with Joel the Japanese Spider crab
•Cooking •Sewing •Planting

• All camps include:
Art projects• Recreation time• Snack time
 Team building activities• Camp T-shirt• Lesson books

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Surfari Pals educates children in the social and personal skills they need to excel now and in the future. Skills such as: how to set goals, using basic manners, social etiquette, and to serve those around them. This is called character development.

Surfari Pals is an investment for cultivating healthy, capable, positive young adults for our future.