The Why

How it all started...

Why did Kip Cummings develop Surfari Pals?
For years, Surfari Pals’ developer Kip Cummings, or better known to the kids as “Kip Surfari,” has had a vision to have a program that teaches kids good character skills, soft skills, etiquette, and manners in a way that encourages, engages, and entertains them along the way. One of Kip’s main influences in his life was a neighbor from his childhood named Monty Heistand. Monty taught the neighborhood kids good character skills, life lessons, about “doing the right thing,” and what it looks like to serve others. These were lessons that impacted him then and now. Kip says, “As I have gotten older, it seems that kids are not taught to be friendly anymore. The characteristics of kindness, gentleness, and concern for others seem to be missing in a lot of kids. This is not because they are bad kids, but because these attributes just are not being taught as much anymore. Without showing them and teaching them those character skills, they get blamed for not doing things they don't know how to do. I start­ed thinking, ‘How can I help these kids?’”
Why the name Surfari Pals?
Growing up in Bell Gardens, California, a small suburb of East Los Angeles, Kip spent many of his days on the beach and around the ocean. Currently living in Shreveport, Louisiana, which is a long way from the sunny beaches of California, the program characters and theme help remind Kip of good times and fun days at the beach. Our graphics, logos, and characters are all ocean and surf themed. We incorporate surfing themes throughout our theme song and learning levels. After all, it is hard to have a bad day at the beach.