Michael the Moray Eel

I have noticed lately that I have a lot of really cool things, while other people may not have much at all. When we think of things that we have, you might think about toys or games; but sometimes it might even be food like a sandwich, a piece of fruit, or maybe a snack.
I have always loved to share the things I have with others. It makes me feel good to see people enjoy whatever it is I am sharing with them. Mike the Moray Eel teaches us to share what we have with others. When we share our things, we are doing something for others, and that is what being a Surfari Pal is all about. The next time you have something and someone is near you, ask if he would like to share. You will feel awesome, and so will he!

Here are some ideas to help you share what you have with others:

Share with our Friends

1. If you are playing with toys and a friend comes over, ask if he/she would  like to play with a toy, too.
2. Maybe you have a special snack. Would some of your friends like to have one, especially if they did not bring a snack.

Share  our things

3. What if you only have one bike or maybe a skateboard?
Just take turns!
4. How about sharing crayons if you are coloring? If your friend needs a pencil, and you have an extra, let him borrow one.

Share yourself

5. You can even share your friends with someone you just met. Introduce him or her to your friends or family to make
them feel welcome.
6. Share your time. Wait...what? How do you share time? You spend time with someone who may need to just talk and need someone to listen. Even if you do not know how to fix her problem, often people just need someone to listen.